Durable Turf grass Sod in Great Meadows, New Jersey

Create a breathtakingly beautiful outdoor space with Turf grass sod from Liberty Sod Farms in Great Meadows, New Jersey. We sell Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue Blends, both of which promote thick, beautiful, green, and plush grass that's grown on a black organic soil.

Sod production

Turf grass Sod

If you properly install, water and maintain your sod, the grass is sure to last for many years to come. Once cut, its then placed on the truck with palletized rolls so it can easily be transported to any of your different job locations.

You can order the sod for pickup or delivery, Installation quotes require a direct discussion with the office. Our business is open Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings. Please be sure to call for specific service times. Once you have obtained your sod we provide installation and care instructions. You can click the link below for our full care instructions.

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